Pickle and Peanut Season 2 Episode 10 - Watchin' Darlin' / Petting Zoo


Watch full Pickle and Peanut Season 2 Episode 10 full HD online. Cartoon video Pickle and Peanut Episode 31 online for free in HD. After Pickle and Peanut agree to take care of McSweats's beloved dog Darlin' while he takes a "spa day", Pickle discovers that for some reason the dog likes Peanut more than him, causing Pickle to do everything he can think of to make Darlin' like him. However, no matter what he tries in order to gain her affection, Darlin's strays further and further away from Pickle, until he gives up entirely after she destroys his favorite lunch from Peanut, who is just trying to cheer up his discouraged friend. With a defeated Pickle heading home, Peanut decides to take Darlin' for a walk by himself at a place he notices while driving by called Walkaround Canyon, which he thinks is a pleasant nature park from reading the sign (claiming its "the land of a thousand miracles"). However, the park's sign turns out to be misleading, as Peanut is attacked by the park's wildlife and bitten by multiple venomous snakes. Severely injured, Peanut calls Pickle on his cell phone for help, where Pickle explains to him that the park's name "Walkaround Canyon" means that you're supposed to walk around the canyon, not through it, and that the "land of a thousand miracles" referred to the parks large population of deadly "miracle vipers". With Peanut in need of medical attention, Pickle sets out to find where his injured friend is first, where he comes across Darlin', who points him towards where Peanut has taken refuge. However, Pickle misinterprets this as Darlin' resenting him again and sets out deeper into the canyon, desperately trying to seek out his friend. Darlin' soon approaches Pickle again, but this time she doesn't appear resentful of him, only towards a certain part of him. Pickle then remembers earlier that morning when a bunch of animals surrounded him affectionately (as known by Peanut as a person who has a certain "way" with animals), including a worm that "kissed" him (unknowingly infecting him with a parasite), and remembered McSweats stating how much Darlin' hates "worms". Pickle then realizes that Darlin' only disliked the worms that infected him, not himself. Removing the hidden worms attached to his forehead, Darlin' licks him happily and Pickle is overjoyed and relieved that Darlin' likes him. Darlin' then leads Pickle right to a weak, shriveled, snake-bitten Peanut, who has taken refuge in a nearby bush. Pickle tells Peanut all about his misunderstanding with Darlin' as he carries him out of the canyon on the way to the hospital, while McSweats, back from his "spa day" is thrown out of a rental van straight into Walkaround Canyon by the "spa staff". / Mjart Mart has a rat infestation problem, as the vermin only discourage customers from shopping and trigger Mr. Mjart's severe allergies. However, when Pickle and Peanut have a hard time getting the rats to leave the store, they come up with an interesting solution that can keep them in the store; dressing the rats up as small lovable farm animals and opening a 'petting zoo' in the middle of the store. Surprisingly, this turns out to be successful and even draws in more customers, but the two soon realize with the rats still in the store, Mr. Mjart's allergic reactions to them will only get worse. With that, they decide to find another place to send the rats instead, where local crime boss Papa provides them with a potential new home in his own zoo, as he is interested in the rats for his own mysterious intentions...

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