Pickle and Peanut Season 2 Episode 7 - Runaway Train / Cop Car Graveyard


Watch full Pickle and Peanut Season 2 Episode 7 full HD online. Cartoon video Pickle and Peanut Episode 28 online for free in HD. After Laser taunts Pickle, Peanut, and McSweats for reenacting McSweat's favorite childhood show Li'l Chugger The Face Train, Pickle and Peanut cheer up a discouraged McSweats by making some adjustments to his childhood train costume, including a self-functioning motorized engine, a passenger car (an empty dumpster attatched to the costume), and best of all, a slot in the steam funnel that will feed McSweats cookies. The three end up attracting a lot of attention from people around town who remembered the show and they join them in their fun, where the three take them to meet Li'l Chugger himself and they all celebrate his birthday. At the end of the day, McSweats thank Pickle and Peanut for helping him feel more confident, but the next morning they discover, much to their shock, that McSweats has replaced them as his "conductors" with Lazer and his friend Cody due to his newfound popularity, as he now feels that the two are "losers" in comparison. Heartbroken, the two come across none othert than Lil' Chugger, who suggests that they remind McSweats that they were the ones who were responsible for McSweat's newfound happiness in the first place. That night, the two nab a sleeping McSweats (still in his motorized train costume) and place him on some old mine tracks, planning to turn on the motor in the costume in order to make McSweats think that he's in danger, where they plan to swoop in and save him by stopping him. However, the tracks McSweats is on turn out to be set to convert him on to actual train tracks, putting him in actual danger of colliding with an actual oncoming train. The two jump into their van to catch up with McSweats speeding down the tracks, where they jump out the window and grab onto McSweat's train costume. with McSweats still trapped inside due to the zipper being stuck. With the oncoming train neraing them, the three decide to accept their sealed fates as Lil' Chugger had fortold, to "ride it out until the the end", as real friends do... However, they then realize that Lil' Chugger is just a delusional stop-motion lunatic of a train and manage to free McSweats from the costume and jump off the tracks to safety just in time before the the oncoming collision, only to realize that McSweats dog, Darlin', who was in the "passenger car" prior to that morning is still inside. Luckily, the actual train nearly misses and Darlin' and the motorized train costume are safely coverted onto another set of tracks out of harm's way. The costume, however, does not stop, and this results in Darlin' traveling the world by McSweats' motorized train costume.

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