Pink Panther and Pals Episode 10 Pinxillated


Watch full Pink Panther and Pals Episode 10 online full HD online. Cartoon video Pink Panther and Pals Episode 10 online for free in HD. Pinxillated. Pink Panther goes to the local arcade run by a stingy Big Nose, who does all he can to prevent the kids from getting prizes (a stuffed animal version of Horse) by continuously increasing the number of tickets needed to win so to keep the toys all for himself. Pink finds this unfair and plays the various games, most against Big Nose himself in order to accumulate tickets. The two then are pulled into the video games, where Pinky still comes out on top and stops Big Nose. Afterward, Pink Panther donates some of his tickets to a young boy and they make off with as many prizes as they can when they leave the arcade.

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