Pink Panther and Pals Episode 70 A Pinker Tomorrow


Watch full Pink Panther and Pals Episode 70 online full HD online. Cartoon video Pink Panther and Pals Episode 70 online for free in HD. A Pinker Tomorrow. In a distant, bleak, future, Pink Panther wakes up to a colorless world that's ruled by Big Nose's big-brained dog, who commands him to strip Pinky of his color after he finds himself able to spread color all over town. A battle ensues, and Pinky is victorious when he uses paint and music to get the better of the villains. He rejoices before losing his own color, only to find it was all a dream. Pinky is delighted to see the surrounding modern day neighborhood full of color with the lone exception being Big Nose's house, which he's painting gray. And it looks like he's being mentally commanded by his big-brained dog, who's lurking in the shadows.

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