Pokémon: XY & Z Episode 42 English Dubbed


Watch full Pokémon: XY & Z Episode 42 English Dubbed streaming online. Pokémon: XY & Z Episode 42 English dub online for free in HD. Rocking Kalos Defenses! (The Megalith Moves Forward! The Kalos Line of Defense!!) Ash and Alain continue their battle against Lysandre. They were successful in defeating Lysandre. Meanwhile, Chespie was absorbed by the megalith crystal in Lysandre Labs, which transforms into a giant Crystal Zygarde. The Crystal Zygarde was headed towards Anistar City to absorb the power from the Anistar sundial. This will result in a planetary apocalypse. Ash, Clemont, Alain, Malva, Steven Stone, the Kalos Gym Leaders, and the Kalos League Champion join forces to defeat the Crystal Zygarde.

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