Pokémon: XY & Z Episode 48 English Dubbed


Watch full Pokémon: XY & Z Episode 48 English Dubbed streaming online. Pokémon: XY & Z Episode 48 English dub online for free in HD. The Legend of X, Y, and Z! (XYZ's Legend!) Professor Sycamore investigates the origins of the XYZ legend with Alexa about the story of a man named Jan and his love interest named Aila. A prophecy made long ago predicted that Yveltal would appear and drain all life from Kalos. Upon the arrival of Yveltal, Aila becomes fossilized as a statue while defending Jan. Afterwards, Yveltal enters into its long term sleep. Jan searches out Xerneas to restore life to Kalos. Years later, Xerneas reappears and restores life to Kalos. However, Aila is left as a statue. Many years later, Jan can be seen as an old and blind man. Jan discusses how he sleeps in the same spot every night. Jan talks to the Aila statue about how Xerneas and Zygarde made the forest so beautiful. Jan cuts an image of the "Z" symbol for Zygarde with a Zygarde Cell on it. Jan falls asleep for the last time. Jan says, "I want to be with her. I will sleep a little".

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