Polly Pocket Episode 18 - A Little Fright


Watch full Polly Pocket Episode 18 online full HD online. Cartoon video Polly Pocket Episode 18 online for free in HD. In the first Halloween episode, (which actually takes place before "Pocket Poltergeist"), Polly, Lila, and Shani have a plan to experience the best Halloween ever and give some of that joy to the depressed senior citizens at Blue Hair Manor, since their Nurse Thorn won't let them do anything exciting. After dressing themselves up as a witch, Cleopatra, and a super heroine named Positive Ion Girl respectively, the girls go trick or treating, only to be given immaterial objects by a grouchy old man. Not wanting to let the seniors down, the girls quickly embark on a hayride, only to run into Griselle and Gwen Grande. The two trap the shrunken girls in a crypt following a Scooby-Doo styled chase through a haunted maze, and hold them hostage. Using Lila's skills to make a fake amulet to surrender to Griselle, the girls escape to Blue hair Manor with the real locket while Nicholas Wells, in ghost-hunting gear, apprehends the Grandes. After throwing a small Halloween party, which Nurse Thorn later decides to join, the girls' plan succeeds. In the B-story, Shani's belief in the supernatural gets the best of her when a mysterious black cat keeps following the girls wherever they go and even helps them escape from the cemetery. During the party, Shani begins to suspect old Mrs. Johnson of being an animal shape shifter when she wears the same necklace as the cat and even has the same glowing green eye colour and compliments that the Halloween party is "Purr-fect!"

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