Power Rangers Ninja Storm Episode 20 I Love Lothor


Watch full Power Rangers Ninja Storm Episode 20 online full HD online. Cartoon video Power Rangers Ninja Storm Episode 20 online for free in HD. I Love Lothor. Marah and Kapri convince Lothor to make a television show that will make him more likable. A new monster, Mr. Ratwell, assures Lothor that he can create a show to make him well-liked and offers to use love potions as a backup plan. Lothor, disgusted with the idea of using love potions, refuses and tosses them aside. Marah and Kapri decide to use them on the Rangers to prove their usefulness to their uncle as well as for fun. They accidentally make two of the Rangers fall in love with Tori, and they begin to fight over her for her affections. Even more problems arise when Tori is captured and bound to a cactus on Lothor's TV set and a strong love spell cast through the television puts all the viewers of Lothor's new show into a frenzy and they go after Dustin, Shane, and Hunter. It's up to Tori to help Cam and Blake come to their senses.

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