Power Rangers Samurai Season 1 Episode 19 Broken Dreams


Watch full Power Rangers Samurai Season 1 Episode 19 full HD online. Cartoon video Power Rangers Samurai Episode 19 online for free in HD. Broken Dreams. Furious with Dayu for not following his orders to destroy Deker, Master Xandred sets fire to her beloved harmonium when she was provoking him to destroy her. Devastated, Dayu escapes into the human world to fix it. Meanwhile the Rangers end up facing the Nighlok Rhinosnorus who traps Dayu, as well as Mia and Antonio in a dream world. Jayden uses his symbol power to open a portal to the Dream World allowing Kevin and Mike to enter, but severely exhausts himself in the process, preventing himself from tagging along. In the dream world, aside from Bulk and Spike's ridiculous fantasies of being samurai along with Antonio's dream of a fishing champion, Mia learns that Dayu and Deker were both once human and the two humans are previously mentioned in Daisuke's story. After Rhinosnorus is defeated, Deker shows up to challenge an exhausted Jayden.

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