Power Rangers Samurai Season 1 Episode 9 I've Got a Spell on Blue


Watch full Power Rangers Samurai Season 1 Episode 9 full HD online. Cartoon video Power Rangers Samurai Episode 9 online for free in HD. I've Got a Spell on Blue. Nighlok Madimot shows Master Xandred that he found and possessed the previous Red Samurai Ranger's Tiger Zord and claimed it as his pet. Madimot attacks in the forest and the Rangers rush towards the Nighlok. Madimot fires a blast at Mike but Kevin gets in the way and takes the blast. Kevin becomes possessed by Madimot and Madimot orders him to attack the others. Kevin fights Jayden and Jayden rushes towards Madimot but he is forced to get Emily, Mia and Mike out of there. Kevin and Madimot attack a construction site and the Rangers arrive. Deker returns to his human form and watches the fight between Jayden and Kevin with the other Rangers commenting on Jayden's abilities. During the fight, Jayden frees Kevin from Madimot's control and the 5 then attack Madimot and destroy the Nighlok. Madimot returns enlarged and summons the Tiger Zord, the other Rangers get into their zords and Jayden's Lion Foldingzord battles the Tiger Zord and frees it. With the megazord fused with the Tiger Zord, They finish Madimot once and for all.

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