PriPara Episode 89 English Subbed


Watch full PriPara Season 2 Episode 51 English Subbed full HD online. PriPara Episode 89 English Subbed online for free in HD. Everyone's Friends! Everyone's an Idol! In the aftermath of the Dream Parade, Hibiki announces to Paprika Private Academy that she will be leaving to go to Europara. Laala and the others decide to invite her to a going away party in Pripara which will also serve as a birthday party for her. When they visit Hibiki in her office, they find Fuwari there who has also decided to return to Eurpara with Hibiki. Hibiki also declines the party offer, but Mirei has a plan to get her to the party. While Hibiki is in Pripara, she first meets with Falulu who has also decided to return to Eurpara now that the Dream Theatre is over. Then as she enters an elevator, Hibiki is ambushed by Ajimi, Mirei and other idols who cause her to faint from their use of sentence enders. When Hibiki wakes up, she is sitting on a throne in the Dream Theatre along side Fuwari and Falulu. Laala and the other idols begin the party for Hibiki, who unknowingly receives a pair of sound cancelling headphones from Andou. During the party, Hibiki slips off to find Andou and ends up having a chat with Fuwari. Hibiki then appears onstage dressed as a girl which causes Andou to get distracted and captured by Mirei and the others. Hibiki forgives Andou and reinstates him as her butler. She and Fuwari then perform a duet together before leaving Parajuku with Falulu. As the other idols wave them off they realise that Gaaruru has stayed behind. Afterwards Meganii is seen attending a conference in Pripara with all the other Meganiis to discuss the upcoming Divine Idol Grand Prix. At the end of the episode a mysterious baby in silhouette is heard crying.

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