Rahxephon Episode 8 English Dubbed


Stream anime episodes online for free, Watch Rahxephon Episode 8 English version online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter Rahxephon Episode 8 English dubbed The Dreaming Stone Itsuki finds a stone, while examining the Dolem that was defeated in the prior episode. Itsuki takes that stone and gives it as a gift to Sayoko, for Christmas. After, he goes to the beach and invites Ayato, Megu, and Haruka and the others to a Christmas Eve Party. And it begins to snow. While Megu and Kim are shopping Megu talks about Haruka, while Haruka gives Ayato gloves. And a Dolem appears to freeze everything. And RahXephon and Ayato must defeat it, but there's a problem, Sayoko is a part of it. And it's up to Ayato to save christmas for Nirai Kanai. When it looks in doubt, Ayato thinks of Haruka and the gloves he gave her, and saves the day. B-Storyline: Quon stays in bed under her blanket, because she hates the snow.

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