RWBY Season 4 Episode 8 - A Much Needed Talk


Watch full RWBY Season 4 Episode 8 full HD online. RWBY Episode 48 online for free in HD. At a campfire in the woods, Qrow has explained the existence of the Maidens and the truth behind the attack on Beacon to Team RNJR. While they ask questions, Jaune seems deeply upset and accuses Ozpin and Qrow of forcing Pyrrha to become a Maiden. Qrow reminds him that she chose the role. The Huntsman explains that Ruby's silver eyes are very rare and probably drew Tyrian's attention towards her. He also confesses that he shadowed the team to protect them. Ruby questions why he didn't travel with them, and Jaune suspects that he tried to use them as bait. Qrow answers that the reason is more "complicated", and decides to tell the team the legend of the creation of Remnant, like Ozpin once told it to him.

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