RWBY Volume 3 Episode 6 Fall


You are going to Watch RWBY Volume 3 Episode 6 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons RWBY Volume 3 Episode 6 Online Pyrrha is summoned to Ozpin's office and meets him, Qrow, Glynda, and Ironwood. Ozpin has her recount a fairy tale called "The Story of the Seasons", where four women befriended an old man and were granted power over the seasons in return. He explains that this tale is true and that his group wishes for her to inherit the powers of the Fall Maiden; the powers are transferred to the last person on a dying Maiden's thoughts, unless that person is a man or too old to receive the power, in which case it goes to someone random. Pyrrha is taken to a secret underground vault, where the current Fall Maiden, Amber, lies comatose; Ozpin reveals that she was recently attacked and a portion of her powers stolen. Since there is a risk of the Maiden's powers seeking to reunite itself or for her last thoughts to be on her assailant, Ozpin intends to use Atlas technology to artificially transfer Amber's Aura to Pyrrha, which is highly experimental. There is no guarantee that the process will work, nor if Pyrrha will be the same person if it does, as her and Amber's lives will be intertwined. He tells her to take some time to make the decision. Meanwhile, the one-on-one round of the tournament begins, and Yang and Mercury are chosen for the first fight. Mercury initially gets the upper hand, but an enraged Yang activates her Semblance and defeats him. As Yang turns to leave, Mercury attacks her from behind, and Yang breaks his leg. However, several Atlas robots converge to arrest Yang, and she sees the giant video screen nearby showing a replay of her attacking him unprovoked, much to Yang's surprise, the crowd's ire, and her teammates' horror. Yang complies with the Atlas soldiers, though she is frightened and confused. As a result of all of this, the Grimm surrounding Vale turn towards Amity Stadium.

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