sailor moon Crystal Episode 15 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch sailor moon Crystal Episode 15 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime sailor moon Crystal Episode 15 Online English dub "Infiltration –Sailor Mars–" "Shinnyū –Sērā Māzu–" Mamoru stops the smaller Usagi, who only had a fake gun. Another evil group, Black Moon, led by Prince Demande seeks to target the Legendary Silver Crystal, which could stand in the way of their plans. One of the members, Crimson Rubeus, sends his servants, the four Specter Sisters, to accomplish this task. Meanwhile, Mamoru tries to reason with the smaller Usagi, who is subsequently referred to as "Chibiusa". He experiences a strange vision coming from her. Upon being taken back to Usagi's house, Chibiusa hypnotizes Usagi's family into letting her stay with them. Luna decides it is best to keep an eye on Chibiusa until they can figure out who she is. Luna gives all the Sailor Guardians new transformation items and communicators. Meanwhile, Rei helps out with her school's Supernatural Research Club for a school fair. Rei learns about alleged incidents of people being abducted or spontaneously combusting. Rei's fortune telling booth is challenged by another fortune teller, Koan Kurozuki. Koan can allegedly predict a person's past and time of death. Upon investigating further, Rei discovers her school's nuns with marks on their heads. She soon finds one of the nuns being burnt alive. This prompts Usagi and the other Sailor Guardians to transform. They are unaware that Chibiusa is watching them. The Sailor Guardians are soon confronted by Koan. She reveals herself to be one of the Specter Sisters. Koan traps Rei in an inextinguishable blue flame. As Usagi and Mamoru try to save her, they bring forth Queen Serenity's Moon Rod. Usagi performs Moon Princess Halation to beat back Koan. However, the blue flames remain unbroken. Rubeus captures Rei and takes her away.

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