Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 16 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 16 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 16 Online English dub Abduction –Sailor Mercury– Spotting Chibiusa watching them, Usagi tries to question her about who captured Rei. She is stopped by Luna. Chibiusa ends up running away to the park. She is later found by Luna and Mamoru. Mamoru takes her back to his place to get to know her better. He learns that Chibiusa got the name "Small Lady" from her mother. Chibiusa wants Sailor Moon to rescue her mother. As Mamoru tells Usagi about what he learned from Chibiusa, the next of the Specter Sisters, Berthier, challenges Ami to a chess match. Berthier demands from Ami to give up Chibiusa should she win. Using a pendulum that can read her mind, Berthier takes advantage of Ami's fears of ending up alone. After receiving some encouragement from Usagi, Ami regains her confidence and wins the match. However, Ami is caught in Berthier's water sphere after she won the match. Rubeus captures Ami and takes her away.

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