Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 25 English Dubbed


You will Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 25 English Dubbed online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream anime Sailor Moon Crystal Season 2 Episode 11 Showdown –Death Phantom– Sailor Pluto stops time to prevent Prince Demande from attempting to have the past and present Legendary Silver Crystals to touch each other. She unfreezes everyone but Demande. Pluto breaks Black Lady's control over Mamoru. Usagi retrieves the past and present Legendary Silver Crystals from Demande. Pluto recalls Queen Serenity that stopping time will result in her own death. As Pluto is dying, Black Lady remembers the good times she had with her. Pluto's death unfreezes time and breaks Nemesis' control over Black Lady, where she becomes Chibiusa again. Everyone witnesses Chibiusa transform into a Sailor Guardian. With Mamoru's help, the Sailor Guardians attack Nemesis simultaneously. Nemesis temporarily fades away. Demande knows all of Nemesis' tricks and attacks Nemesis when Nemesis is attempting to direct his attack at the Sailor Guardians. Nemesis overpowers Prince Demande and kills him. Nemesis engulfs the future Earth and distorts space with the energy from the Malefic Black Crystals. Nemesis reveals his true form to the Sailor Guardians. He reveals his past as Death Phantom who was defeated and banished by Neo Queen Serenity to the planet known as Nemesis. Over the next few centuries, Death Phantom merged with the planet Nemesis to become one entity. The Sailor Guardians, Chibiusa, Mamoru, and King Endymion prepare for their final battle against the Death Phantom.

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