Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 26 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 26 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 26 Online English dub Replay -Never Ending- Usagi attacks Death Phantom using her Cutie Moon Rod and instantly vanishes to an unknown place. The other four Sailor Guardians, Chibiusa, Mamoru, and King Endymion return to Crystal Tokyo, but Mamoru also instantly vanishes to an unknown place. Neo Queen Serenity awakens from her longtime slumber inside the Legendary Silver Crystal Palace due to Chibiusa accepting her destiny as a princess of the future Moon Kingdom and as a Sailor Guardian who transformed into Sailor Chibi Moon. Neo Queen Serenity sees the dead Sailor Pluto and transports her body to rest eternally inside the Legendary Silver Crystal Palace. Usagi and Mamoru hug and kiss before Chibiusa arrives to help them. Usagi and Chibiusa both use the Moon Princess Halation attack to defeat the Death Phantom successfully. Once the Death Phantom is defeated, Neo Queen Serenity bestows the Sailor Guardians new transformations and planet powers. Neo Queen Serenity uses her powers to restore the future Earth and all its residents back to normal. After everyone rejoices, Chibiusa will lead Mamoru, the five Sailor Guardians, Luna, and Artemis to the Space Time Door to return to the past Earth. Before Usagi leaves the Legendary Silver Crystal Palace in Crystal Tokyo, she meets and speaks to her future self who is Neo Queen Serenity face to face. Chibiusa tells Usagi that she has to go back to the future Earth. Chibiusa, Usagi, and later Mamoru all go to the water fountain to where they first met and say a heartfelt goodbye to Chibiusa. Chibiusa uses her Space Time Key to teleport to the future Earth of the 30th century. Mamoru and Usagi were about to kiss before Chibiusa teleported back to the past Earth of the 20th century that interrupted their kiss. Chibiusa gives Mamoru a letter from her mother, which says Chibiusa has returned so that they can train and spend more time with her.

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