Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 38 English Dubbed


Watch full Sailor Moon Crystal Season 2 Episode 12 English Dubbed full HD online. Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 38 English Dubbed online for free in HD. Infinity 11 Infinite–Judge Usagi and Chibiusa defeat Mistress 9 with their combined attack, and the latter merges herself with Master Pharaoh 90. The Sailor Guardians and Mamoru attack Pharaoh 90, but fail. Pharaoh 90 breaks the Outer Guardians' barrier and begins to cover the Earth, while a portal to the Tau Star System is opened in the sky. Usagi uses the Moon Chalice with the last energy of her friends and throws herself into Pharaoh 90, seemingly sacrificing herself. The Talismans react, which causes the spirit of Sailor Saturn herself to awaken within Hotaru, to emerge from Pharaoh 90 in a ray of purple light. Sailor Saturn begins unleashing her vastly powerful apocalyptic abilities to fatally wound and weaken Pharaoh 90 from the inside out. The Guardian of Doom then prepares to lower her Silence Glaive down, which according to the other Outer Guardians, will not only obliterate the enemy but result in the complete annihilation of the Earth as well. Panic-stricken, Super Sailor Chibi Moon calls out to Super Sailor Moon, as the Silence Glaive is sharply swung down on its edge.

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