Searching for the Full Moon Episode 1 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch Searching for the Full Moon Episode 1 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Searching for the Full Moon Episode 1 Online English dub I Want To Sing! 12-year-old girl Mitsuki Kouyama dreams of becoming a famous singer and of reuniting with her beloved childhood friend, Eichi Sakurai. However, she has sarcoma, a tumor in her throat. Surgery is needed to save her life, but the treatment could also have her lose her singing voice, so she refuses to have it. Her grandmother, who is her guardian, also hates music. Mitsuki secretly passed an audition at Seed Records, but her doctor Keiichi Wakaoji refuses to take her there as he is concerned it would make her worse. A pair of shinigami, Takuto Kira and Meroko Yui, emerge from Mitsuki's wall, arguing and not realizing that Mitsuki can "see" them. They are surprised, but introduce themselves and explain that Mitsuki only has 1 year left to live. Mitsuki sneaks out of the house, determined to go to the audience so she can achieve her goal before dying, but she begins coughing and nearly collapses. Respecting her love of music, Takuto uses his powers to transform her into a blond-haired, healthy 16-year-old girl who can sing without any pain. She takes the audition and, without question, the directors choose her!

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