Sengoku Collection Episode 24 English Subbed


Watch full Sengoku Collection Episode 24 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Sengoku Collection Episode 24 English sub streaming online. Peaceful Empress - EX. As Ieyasu continues to be successful in her idol career and prepares to star in a TV show, a young janitor named Kaoru Taniyama who had secretly been filming Ieyasu in her dressing room has a run in with a woman being chased by some thugs, who leaves behind an identical camcorder. As Ieyasu confiscates one of the cameras, which Kaoru realises wasn't his, they discover the woman who owned the camera being killed after being pushed off the roof. As Ieyasu and Kaoru view the contents of the camera, they find a record from the woman revealing Ieyasu's co-star, Tatsuya Sugimura, is in fact the boss of a crime syndicate. The two soon find themselves targeted by Sugimura's goons and escape on a truck, where Ieyasu admits she hasn't been enjoying her idol life. They deliver the evidence to the police, only to discover the chief is also under Sugimura's influence. As Sugimura and his goons corner them, they are saved by Ieyasu's manager, who was actually an undercover Interpol agent. The whole thing is soon revealed to be a movie, as Ieyasu remains devoted to remaining a top idol.

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