Solty Rei Episode 21 English Dubbed


Watch Solty Rei Episode 21 English version online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter Solty Rei Episode 21 English dubbed The Time for Truth The R.U.C special forces which were stationed outside to watch them are now on the move, about to apprehend them all. Before the special forces reach Roy's apartment they all managed to escape into the underground city, with the help of Joseph. In this time, secrets are revealed about the city's past and the true purpose of the R.U.C. Meanwhile, Ashley Lynx finally reveals the true purpose of PROCEED experiment: to be free from Eunomia's control and take over using Rose as the perfect PROCEED to do the job. In response to the threat, Eunomia used her link to manipulate Resembles under her control, putting the city into a state of panic. Adding to the chaos, Accela's on a rampage piloting Hilga, the gargantuan vessel hovering above R.U.C, firing its powerful beam cannon, destroying everything in her path.

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