Solty Rei Episode 22 English Dubbed


Watch Solty Rei Episode 22 English version online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter Solty Rei Episode 22 English dubbed Three Girls, Three Intentions The city is in chaos, Resembles are out of control and Hilga, a gigantic floating vessel is destroying everything in its path; Roy, Andy and Larry are on a race against time to halt Eunomia's activity while Solty, finally gaining the ability to levitate, confronts Accela to stop the destruction. Accela fires her beam cannon, landing a hit on Solty. Rose appears in the nick of time to save Solty from falling. Rose confronts Accela only for Solty to intervene. After realizing Solty's dreams, Accela self-destructs Hilga to stop the beam cannon from firing. Meanwhile, Roy and Andy make it in time to put Eunomia on a stand-by mode only to face-off again with Ashley.

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