Sora no Woto Episode 2 English Subbed


Watch full Sora no Woto Episode 2 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Sora no Woto Episode 2 English sub streaming online. First Battle: The Story of a Chair During breakfast, Kanata is introduced to the other members of the 1121st Platoon; Filicia Heideman, Noël Kannagi and Kureha Suminoya. Kureha shows some hostility towards Kanata, but she is assigned to show her around the fort. When Kureha takes Kanata to see the tank of the squadron is housed, which is in the process of being repaired, Kureha expresses her depression because the military often ignores the squadron's existence. Later that night, Noël and Kanata claim they saw a ghost in the barracks, so Kanata and Kureha are sent to investigate. They learn the place used to be a school. Kureha laments that their platoon is in the middle of nowhere and is generally ignored. The two are surprised by an owl, the same one that stole Rio's bell, but with Kureha's help they manage to capture it. They decide to keep it and name it Shuko.

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