South Park Season 15 Episode 7 You're Getting Old


You will Watch South Park Season 15 Episode 7 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons South Park Episode 216 You're Getting Old. At Stan's 10th birthday party, one of his presents is the latest CD from a "tween wave" band. Sharon forbids Stan from listening to it, and promptly takes the CD away. Later, Randy and Sharon argue over the CD. Randy decides to sit down and listen to the CD (which, to the viewer, is the sound of defecation and drum beats). He claims to enjoy the CD, but the other parents of the boys forbid them from listening to "tween wave" after playing The Police's album Synchronicity as an example of what they consider to be good music. To the boys, though, it sounds just as the "tween wave" music does to Randy. That night, Stan secretly listens to the confiscated music but discovers, to his confusion, that it now sounds "like shit." He tells Kyle as much the next morning...

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