Special Agent Oso Episode 19 A View to a Fire Drill / Thunderbelt


Watch full Special Agent Oso Episode 19 online full HD online. Cartoon video Special Agent Oso Episode 19 online for free in HD. A View to a Fire Drill: Oso leads agents Dotty, Wolfie, and Musa through a cave for his training mission. But he wanders off the path causing everyone to go down a sand slide. A special alert comes in. Three girls--Marie, Charlotte, and Lisa--are preparing for a fire drill at school tomorrow, but they do not know what to do. Marie wants to ask her mother if they can do a practice fire drill, but she is too busy working. So Oso decides to lead the girls to show them how to stay safe in case of a real fire. Thunderbelt: Professor Bufo trains Oso to open a vault where his inventions are stored. Oso needs to turn the dial and pull the handle to open it, but he fails to turn the dial all the way and he gets a special alert after setting off the alarm and getting himself trapped. He helps a girl named Maya, who is going on a picnic in the car with her mom, buckle up before she and her mom drive to the picnic.

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