Spider-Man 1967 Season 1 Episode 19 To Catch a Spider / Double Identity


Watch full Spider-Man 1967 Season 1 Episode 19 full HD online. Cartoon video Spider-Man 1967 Episode 19 online for free in HD. To Catch a Spider: Dr. Noah Boddy releases Electro, the Green Goblin, and the Vulture from prison to get back at Spider-Man. All three disable Spider-Man's powers and Electro tells Spider-Man to meet them at midnight. Spider-Man realises Noah Boddy helped the villains escape. At midnight he meets them at the docks and using ventriloquism makes the villains fight each other, leaving them knocked out. He webs up Noah Boddy and the Police arrest them. Double Identity: Spider-Man attempts to catch a man looking the same as Peter Parker who steals a valuable manuscript, but the man's bodyguard, Brutus, knocks him down. Charles Cameo impersonates others while stealing valuables. A ruse is set by Jameson and the Police with a tapestry, Jameson thinking Spider-Man is responsible. Brutus knocks out the driver he has come to take the tapestry and takes their place. Cameo impersonates Spider-Man. The thief and Brutus are apprehended by the real Spider-Man.

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