Spider-Man 1967 Season 2 Episode 4 Criminals in the Clouds


Watch full Spider-Man 1967 Season 2 Episode 4 full HD online. Cartoon video Spider-Man 1967 Episode 24 online for free in HD. Criminals in the Clouds. To impress a girl and to show up his rival, star quarterback Roy Robinson, Peter Parker decides to try out for his high school football team feeling that he could be a star player with his spider-powers. The coach however scoffs at Peter but offers him a job as the waterboy. Meanwhile, the airborne criminal known as Sky Master hatches a plan to kidnap Roy Robinson, who just happens to be the son of a well known scientist who has invented an invisibility serum, and hold him for ransom. At night they break into the house, gas Roy and take him to their flying base. After learning of this plot during a team practice, Peter changes into Spider-Man and tries to tracks down the Sky Master to his airship. He sees one of the clouds isn't moving and finds the airship hidden inside. Once inside the vessel, he rescues Roy Robinson after defeating Sky Master and his goons, causing their ship to crash. Spidey returns Robinson in time for the big football game and helps him win. However, poor Peter gets fired from his waterboy job as Roy Robinson gets both the glory and the girl.

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