Spider-Man 1967 Season 2 Episode 6 Diamond Dust


Watch full Spider-Man 1967 Season 2 Episode 6 full HD online. Cartoon video Spider-Man 1967 Episode 26 online for free in HD. Diamond Dust. After years of being dismissed as a bookworm, Peter Parker is trying to win a spot as a relief pitcher on his college baseball team. Together with Artie, the team's catcher and Pete's school chum, he changes into his suit and tie before heading off to the local zoo to meet up with some friends. But at that very moment, a group of museum robbers led by the criminal known as Shakespeare create a diversion by unlocking a zoo cage and letting loose a monstrous ape who goes on a rampage, putting the visitors in great danger. Peter hears of the gorilla's escape over a car radio and dashes to an alley where he changes into Spider-Man. After a fierce battle, Spidey re-captures the beast by knocking it into the seal enclosure while averting a disaster. But later, during a baseball game, the robbers don gorilla costumes to rob the college museum of a giant diamond worth a fortune. Waiting for his chance to get off the bench and onto the pitcher's mound, Peter is sent to collect a fly ball that's been hit out of the stands. But after he locates the ball, a stunned Peter is confronted by a terrified professor who tells him that "apes" have taken over the museum. Instantly figuring out the robbers' plot, Peter discards his baseball uniform and swings to the museum as Spider-Man, where he sees the criminals. However one of the criminals shoots through his web, knocking Spider-Man to the ground. Shakespeare uses a weapon filled with "liquid latex" against him. But Spidey counters with his wits (and a suit of armor) to defeat Shakespeare and his henchmen. Hopping back into his baseball uniform, Peter returns to the field just in time to throw the last winning pitch and win the game.

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