Star vs. the Forces of Evil Season 3 Episode 21 - Conquer Part 2


Watch full Star vs. the Forces of Evil Season 3 Episode 21 full HD online. Cartoon video Star vs. the Forces of Evil Episode 56 online for free in HD. Marco and his team once again try to trap Meteora, only for it to fail again. Everyone, with the exception of Tom, then has their soul drained. Meanwhile, the amnesiac Star and Moon fool around in the Realm of Magic, until the realm's ruler sends them away. Star wakes up in her bed, with Moon still missing, and gets informed of the situation by Tom and River. As River and the Mewman army hold off Meteora, Star and Tom try to reach the sanctuary to attempt to revive those who had their souls drained, but are unable to access it. Finally at wits end, Tom proposes they flee to his realm, but seeing that Meteora has defeated the Mewman army convinces Star that she must face her. She heads back to the castle and encounters Meteora, they fight and just as Star is about to be defeated Eclipsa appears and takes her wand. She then defeats Meteora and regresses her back into a baby. As everyone's souls return, Star allows Eclipsa to keep her wand as she believes it should be hers. However, Eclipsa then uses it to flee with Meteora and Glossaryck, whose amnesia is revealed to be just an act. They arrive at the monster temple, where they find Eclipsa's monster husband, Globgor, who has been crystallized.

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