Star Wars Rebels Episode 1-2 Spark of Rebellion


You are going to Watch Star Wars Rebels Episode 1-2 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Star Wars Rebels Episode 1-2 Online Spark of Rebellion. Part 1 ~ Ezra Bridger is an orphan on Lothal, an Outer Rim world. He interferes with the Ghost crew's theft of blaster rifles from the Empire. Ezra is shanghaied by the crew while making their getaway. The rifles are sold to buy food and information. The food is given to the displaced people of Lothal, while the information leads the crew to a group of imprisoned Wookiees & Part 2 ~ The crew of the Ghost fights back the imperial forces and rescues the wookiees. Kanan reveals himself as a jedi. Ezra joins the Ghost crew and begns his training as a jedi with Kanan. At the end of the episode, Agent Kallus contacts "The Inquisitor, saying that the leader of the rebel cell made good use of a lightsaber.

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