Super Friends Episode 1 The Power Pirate


You are going to Watch Super Friends Episode 1 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Super Friends Episode 1 Online The Power Pirate. While on their weekly meeting, The Super Friends receive a TroubAlert message about an out of power giant freight train in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Superman goes to California to stop the out of control train that is about to collide with another train. Shortly after the Super Friends receive another TroubAlert that a cargo ship named the Queen Victoria is in the middle of a big storm and is about to be driven against some rocks. Wonder Woman takes Aquaman right to the ship in her thought powered transparent plane where he must find a way to anchor the powerless ship. While on their way to pick up Aquaman from the coast, Batman and Robin have to save two construction workers when an out of control crane puts their lives in danger. Meanwhile Aquaman successfully anchors the ship with the help of some ocean creatures and regroups with Batman, Robin, Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog. There they meet a Special Inspector with Scotland Yard named Sir Cedric Cedric who says the British ships have been targeted and he was looking for sabotage. Wonder Woman was patrolling skies and noticed a leak in the dam that is about to cause a flood. To hold off the water, Wonder Woman makes an earth dam, but it springs a leak causing her to slam a boulder into it. The rest of the Super Friends join her and help stop the flood for good by shutting off the flood gates. On a stormy night, Wendy, Marvin, and Wonderdog check out the electrical generator plant and find a mysterious shadowy figure. The young heroes chase the mysterious figure but only to bump into Sir Cedric Cedric who says the suspect had gotten away. The Super Friends must stop the power outage disasters with the help of Wendy providing details about the electrical generator plant figure out who is the Power Pirate and how Sir Cedric fits into the picture.

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