Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron Season 2 Episode 2 A Bright and Shiny Future


Watch full Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron Season 2 Episode 2 full HD online. Cartoon video Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron Episode 15 online for free in HD. A Bright and Shiny Future. The Pastmaster is wreaking havoc on Megakat Bridge when the SWAT Kats arrive to stop him. The Pastmaster anticipated this and opens up a time vortex and forces the SWAT Kats and himself into it. They re-emerge in a futuristic city made up almost entirely of metal, patrolled exclusively by robots where kats are forced to work in labor camps. On an enormous Jumbotron-like screen in the center of the city, the Metallikats appear and inform the SWAT Kats that in this future, they are the rulers of "Metallikat City." As it turns out, the Pastmaster conspired with the Metallikats and planned the entire thing, but the Metallikats double cross the Pastmaster and steal his magical pocket watch, breaking their original deal. After being attacked by a gigantic transforming bridge robot, the SWAT Kats escape to Megakat Swamp where they encounter the only remaining survivors: Mayor Manx, Callie Briggs, Professor Hackle, Commander Feral and Lt. Felina Feral. Together, they decide to try to overthrow the Metallikats with a little help from a very angry Pastmaster, who will promise to return them to the present Megakat City if they recover his watch.

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