Taboo Tattoo Episode 10 English Dubbed


Watch full Taboo Tattoo Episode 10 English Dubbed streaming online. Taboo Tattoo Episode 10 English dub online for free in HD. Letter of Challenge Following the battle at the Kingdom base in Japan, Aya wants BB found dead or alive. Events move forward one year during which Seigi and Izzy spend their time hiding and training with Wiseman's group. Then they receive a video letter from Arya inviting Seigi to the site of the third ruins in the Grand Canyon and which also shows that they have Lisa prisoner. Wiseman wants Seigi to wait until he can plant a virus in his tattoo which is the key to destroying the ruins system, but Izzy wants to rescue Lisa immediately. Seigi, Tom & Tamaki agree to go with her, but before they leave Tamaki proposes to Yumi. The four of them arrive at the Grand Canyon and confront the Kingdom's sealed fighters including R.R. Lurker and the Awful Shark, Dean Carter. Izzy is confronted by both R.R. Lurker and Lisa, who has been possessed by Iltutmish. The U.S. perimeter forces are completely outclassed by the Kingdom’s fighters and are all but destroyed. Arya easily infiltrates their command headquarters and attacks and defeats Colonel Sanders.

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