Team Galaxy Episode 10 - Shipwrecked!


You are going to Watch Team Galaxy Episode 10 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Team Galaxy Episode 10 Online Shipwrecked! When alien spacecraft start to inexplicably disappear in one corner of the galaxy, Josh, Yoko and Brett are sent on a mission to check it out. As their ship approaches that region of space, the Hornet is uncontrollably sucked toward a small planet where it crash lands. On the planet, the gang finds a bunch of other marooned alien ships and the funny alien pilots who have been shipwrecked there for some time. The planet is getting sucked toward a black hole. Can the GH gang escape in time or will they be lost forever, swallowed up in the black hole? In a b-story, Yoko is getting sick of spending so much time with Josh and Brett and wants more privacy.

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