Team Galaxy Episode 15 - Robot Reboot


You are going to Watch Team Galaxy Episode 15 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Team Galaxy Episode 15 Online Robot Reboot, Josh, in a selfish effort to "upgrade" Fluffy, sneaks into Principal Kirkpatrick’s office and hacks into the GH mainframe. With a few reckless keystrokes, he’s convinced that he’s accomplished his goal… Fluffy is more intelligent, more independent, and is able to complete more tasks for Josh! What Josh doesn’t realize is that he’s also downloaded a harmful living computer virus, Rex-3, into his ultrapet! The result, Fluffy soon turns evil and plans to take over Galaxy High. Panicked, Josh tries to undo what he’s done… but it’s too late. Fluffy isn’t about to go down without a fight. He quickly upgrades all of the other ultrapets at GH to join in his cause. Can our gang stop the power-mad-robo-mutts before they take their cause intergalactically? In a b-story, Josh, overwhelmed with daily life at Galaxy High, tries to come up with a way to "relieve" his responsibilities.

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