Team Galaxy Episode 17 - Dance Dance Elimination


You are going to Watch Team Galaxy Episode 17 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Team Galaxy Episode 17 Online Dance Dance Elimination, When a famed, intergalactic virtual gaming arcade opens in their part of the galaxy, Brett, Josh and Yoko rush to check it out – after all, it’s rumored to contain the most challenging games in the entire universe! When they arrive, Brett is quickly dazzled by a 3-D chess-like game; Josh is stoked on a way realistic flying game; and Yoko is entranced by a virtual dance competition. Brett and Josh are easily beaten by their highly skilled computerized opponents but, to everyone’s shock, Yoko wins – the first competitor to ever defeat one of the games! With prize in hand, she heads back to Galaxy High. Her celebration is short-lived as the virtual dancer from the game, furious that she’s been defeated, comes to life and goes after Yoko!!! The virtual dancer’s plan? To capture Yoko and force her into the video game forever! Can Brett and Josh save her before it’s too late? In a b-story, Yoko gets a crush on Seth, a new kid at Galaxy High.

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