Team Galaxy Episode 18 - How Much Is That Human In The Window?


You are going to Watch Team Galaxy Episode 18 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Team Galaxy Episode 18 Online How Much Is That Human In The Window?With the Galaxy High celebrating the Christmas holidays, Principal Kirkpatrick is angry because Josh played a prank with putting all of his pictures in one box. For punishment he sends Josh to patrol with Yoko and Brett. When Josh, Yoko and Brett take a wrong turn on a routine patrol and suddenly find themselves lost in unfamiliar space territory, they’re quickly ambushed and captured by an IAC—an Intergalactic Alien Catcher. And, before they know what hit them, they’re locked up in the cosmic version of a dog pound (along with a bevy of other funky alien creatures)! But that’s the least of their worries. Yoko, because she’s so "colorful" and "entertaining," is almost immediately "adopted" by a rich, bratty alien kid who views her as a plaything! She takes her to her tricked-out space mansion and commands her to entertain her (and, being a spoiled brat, she’s not that easily entertained). It’s up to Brett and Josh to escape the pound and save Yoko before the rough-housing alien runt breaks her like she does all his other toys!!! In a b-story, the Galaxy High gang celebrates the Christmas holidays… space-style.

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