Team Galaxy Season 2 Episode 16 The Belly of the Beast


Watch full Team Galaxy Season 2 Episode 16 full HD online. Cartoon video Team Galaxy Episode 42 online for free in HD. The Belly of the Beast. When Josh, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy are sent on an assignment to find out what destroyed a cosmic fueling station and caused their GH friend Spavid to suddenly go missing, they quickly realize this is no ordinary mission. After landing on a large planet to do some investigating, they soon realize that the planet isn’t a planet – it’s actually a gigantic space creature which is capable of devouring everything in its path – including them! Despite their best efforts to thwart it, the creature swallows them whole!!! Trapped inside the creature’s belly, the gang desperately searches for a way out. And, after several unsuccessful attempts, they begin to think that their days of being space marshals are numbered. As they await their fate, being slowly digested by the alien being, they begin to reminisce about all of the adventures they’ve been through together; about how they’ve grown as a team; and about all the intergalactic baddies they’ve faced (all of which we see in flashback, of course). And just when it looks like the end is near, Yoko makes a startling discovery: this particular alien creature actually has a funny bone! When the gang "tickles" it using a gadget, they’re able to laugh their way out of the hungry beast. Now free, the team squares off against the creature again. And this time the marshals, and Spavid, emerge victorious! In a b-story, Brett teaches himself about alien anatomy.

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