Team Galaxy Season 2 Episode 17 Toy Galaxy


Watch full Team Galaxy Season 2 Episode 17 full HD online. Cartoon video Team Galaxy Episode 43 online for free in HD. Toy Galaxy. When Principal Kirkpatrick, in order to raise money for Galaxy High, announces that he’s sold the Team Galaxy toy rights to famed cosmic toy maker Marty McBoogle, the marshals are totally psyched. After all, what could be cooler than having mini replicas of themselves and their ships hit the intergalactic toy market!?! And when the alien toy maker comes to visit the school, making molds of the marshals for his action figures and taking personality profiles of them to make the toys as authentic as possible, the gang is even more excited. To celebrate the launch of the Team Galaxy line, PK authorizes a field trip to an intergalactic toy fair for the unveiling of the toys. When they’re presented to the cosmic public, the toys go bad – attacking everything in sight with their mini gadgets before escaping! After some investigation, what the gang eventually discovers is that Rex-3 (from episode #016) is to blame. After slipping away from the GH Containment Facility and stowing aboard Marty McBoogle’s ship, Rex-3 snuck his way into the inner workings of the toy maker’s factory… causing a glitch which turned the Team Galaxy toys evil! His goal? To use the sinister toys to take over the universe (and tarnish GH’s good reputation in the process). In the end, our marshals have to battle the toy replicas of themselves and their ships and stop Rex-3 once again! In a b-story, PK is upset when he learns that he’s not considered "toyetic" enough to warrant an action figure of himself being made!

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