Team Galaxy Season 2 Episode 18 Cosmic High


Watch full Team Galaxy Season 2 Episode 18 full HD online. Cartoon video Team Galaxy Episode 44 online for free in HD. Cosmic High. When Josh unexpectedly gets a big part on "Cosmic High," the hottest teen space TV show in the entire universe, he’s somewhat stoked… and Yoko is incredibly jealous. And when he arrives on set and meets Vera Starbeam, the show’s way intense captain and totally dedicated star (who Josh is impressed to discover never, ever breaks character), he decides that maybe a career on the small screen is the life for him! So much so, in fact, that he makes a huge decision: to leave Galaxy High for a while so that he can pursue his true calling, intergalactic acting (or intergalacting as they call it in the biz)! Though Yoko, Brett and Fluffy are shocked and disappointed by their teammate’s seemingly rash decision, they promise to tune in every week in a show of support. When Josh returns to the "Cos High" set to begin his new life, however, things quickly go from fun to strange. It seems that Vera isn’t such a good actor after all -- she’s actually extremely delusional and believes that her TV show is reality! And so, she commandeers the cast, forcing them to go on a mission with her... a mission where the goal is to destroy what Vera believes is Cosmic High’s arch nemesis -- Galaxy High! In the end, Josh, caught in the crossfire, has to stop Vera’s onslaught, save the CH cast and himself, and rejoin Team Galaxy. In a b-story, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy deal with life without Josh!

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