Team Galaxy Season 2 Episode 19 Strange Fruit


Watch full Team Galaxy Season 2 Episode 19 full HD online. Cartoon video Team Galaxy Episode 45 online for free in HD. Strange Fruit. On the way back from a mission, Josh, Yoko and Brett can’t believe how hungry they are – so they decide to land on a nearby planet to check out the local cuisine. When they get there, they find that the planet, with its lush, tropical landscape, is void of any restaurants. As Yoko and Brett are about to leave, Josh spots a tree bearing an abundance of unusual-looking fruit. Brett warns him not to eat it: "Who knows what effect alien fruit will have on the human digestive system?" But Josh isn’t worried – after all, a herd of freaky aliens across the valley seem to be eating it without any problem. Josh gorges himself. Upon returning to Galaxy High, Josh is pleased to learn that after many attempts, Toby has finally agreed to go on a date with him. But then something strange starts to happen. In the days leading up to the date, Josh begins to undergo some bizarre physical changes (his skin starts to turn red; a stem emerges from the top of his head; seeds begin shooting out of his ears). As much as he doesn’t want to admit it, he realizes he’s turning into a giant version of the fruit he ate earlier! With Toby already growing suspicious of his odd behavior, and not wanting to blow the upcoming date, Josh decides to head back to the planet where he became affected to desperately seek a remedy. He finds himself on the run from a herd of hungry aliens who, seeing him as mother of all fruit, would like nothing more than to eat him for dinner. Luckily, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy figure out what’s happening and set out to help their friend. Can the four of them fight off the ravenous aliens and turn Josh back to his regular self before it’s too late? In a b-story, Josh finally gets a date with Toby.

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