Team Galaxy Season 2 Episode 4 Cybercop 4000


Watch full Team Galaxy Season 2 Episode 4 full HD online. Cartoon video Team Galaxy Episode 30 online for free in HD. Cybercop 4000. When Principal Kirkpatrick sends the team on a mission to stop an alien baddie from terrorizing a peaceful planet, Josh, Yoko and Brett spring into action! Only when they arrive on the scene, they are shocked to discover someone, or rather something, has beaten them to it. The gang watches incredulously as Cybercop 4000 – an enormous crime-fighting robot with 4000 amazing functions – easily takes out the bad guy. Needless to say, they’re baffled. That is, until the robot’s colorful alien creator introduces himself and explains that his invention is the future of intergalactic crime-fighting. The gang quickly returns to GH to report the incident to PK… only when they get there, they see that he and the rest of the school are already privy to what’s happening as they watch an over-the-top commercial for the Cybercop 4000 that’s playing on the monitors. PK tells his troops that they’re going to have to be extra efficient on their missions because they now have some serious competition. Despite the teams’ vigilance, the crime-fighting cyborg continues to out-perform them. And, faced with no other choice, PK decides to close Galaxy High – declaring that the Cybercop has rendered them obsolete! In the end, Josh, Yoko and Brett discover that the robot’s creator is not so benevolent after all. With GH out of the picture, he plans on using his cyborg to take over the universe! In a b-story, when Josh saves Princess Kimball’s life (actually he just catches a bug that’s gotten stuck in her hair), she’ll stop at nothing to make it up to him. At first, he’s excited by all the lavish things she does to show her gratitude… until all the attention begins to drive him crazy!

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