The Asterisk War Episode 12 English Dubbed


Watch full The Asterisk War Episode 12 English Dubbed streaming online. The Asterisk War Episode 12 English dub online for free in HD. The Gravi-Sheath Irene recalls the time she received the Gravi-Sheath from Dirk shortly before the fourth match with Ayato and Julis. Julis unleashes her Rafflesia attack after some strategical tactics, but Irene survives the attack. Irene sucks Priscilla's blood. The Gravi-Sheath possesses Irene and causes a massive gravity flux on the battlefield. Ayato withstands the gravity attack and destroys the Gravi-Sheath using the Reverse-gouging Shell attack to win the match. Ayato used his powers past the five minute limit that he suffers from its side effects. The side effects are now public knowledge. Dirk decides to form a partnership with Ernesta and Camilla. Priscilla lets Irene know that she will become a fighter someday to fight alongside Irene. Meanwhile, Steering Committee chairman Madiath Mesa reveals that he has a scheme. By winning, Ayato is interfering with Madiath's plan. When Julis asks Ayato if he is okay, he says he is okay. Ayato later appears to be in pain. Ayato vows to Julis that he will protect her. After that, Ayato and Julis try to kiss. At the last second, Claudia, Saya, and Kirin walk in interrupting them. Ayato and Julis never kiss.

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