The Asterisk War Episode 7 English Dubbed


Watch full The Asterisk War Episode 7 English Dubbed streaming online. The Asterisk War Episode 7 English dub online for free in HD. Decisions and Duels Ayato defeats the dragon that sent the shapeshifting lizards to attack him and Kirin. While trapped underground, Kirin explains her story about her father. Kirin was held hostage by a criminal that her father killed to rescue her. Despite acting in self-defense, Kirin's father was charged as a criminal because he is a Genestella. The two are rescued by other people. Upon hearing that her uncle sees her as a tool, Kirin decides to follow Ayato instead of her uncle. Kirin challenges Ayato to a duel. Both fighters goes all out with Ayato emerging victorious. Following the duel, Kirin decides to train with Ayato and pair up with Saya for the Phoenix Festa as both are fighting for their fathers.

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