The Deep Season 1 Episode 22 Strange Migration


Watch full The Deep Season 1 Episode 22 full HD online. Cartoon video The Deep Episode 22 online for free in HD. Strange Migration. Having been contacted by Commander Pyrosome of the World Oceans Authority (WOA) about an unusual grouping of Sea Life that they've been tracking, The Nekton decide to follow up on the case. After getting caught up in the shredded nets of a commercial tuna farm, and then freeing themselves, Pyrosome informs them of a second grouping south-east of them, so Kaiko and Ant take the Aronnax to follow the New group While Will and Fontaine follow the original group in the Rover. Will and Fontaine soon become food as they discover that the Sea Life they were tracking had been eaten by a 'Megaladon' Shark, the species of which was thought to have been extinct for 2.6 Million years. With Will and Fontaine soon holding onto the Megaladon's Gills for dear life, Kaiko and Ant turn around and try to get them out, but are suddenly attacked by a Second Megaladon, foiling their attempt. Having come up with a plan to save the rest of their family, Ant takes the Mag Knight outside and attaches a looped steel cable to the first Megaladons tail, then signals Kaiko to throttle back the Aronnax in order to stop the Shark, giving the Rover a chance to escape. After escaping from the Mouth of the Megaladon, the Rover and Ant try to get back to Aronnax, but the Megaladon Suddenly Dives, jamming the cable release and thus pulls the Aronnax down very fast. After failing to cut the cable with the Rover's laser, Ant uses himself as bait to lure the second Megaladon to bite through the cable, allowing the Nektons to escape. After making their report to Commander Pyrosome they decide to go on their way and leave the 2 Megaladons alone to mate in peace.

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