The Deep Season 1 Episode 24 The Twilight Zone


Watch full The Deep Season 1 Episode 24 full HD online. Cartoon video The Deep Episode 24 online for free in HD. The Twilight Zone. After finding huge concentrations of Bio-Luminescent Bacteria near Taiwan, The Nektons discover that the Ocean has become empty. With Fontaine piloting the Aronnax, They descend deeper and deeper to find that the only fish around are Angler Fish on the ocean floor, at the bottom of the 'Twilight Zone' which is over 1000 metres below sea level. After getting tossed around by Volcanic Thermal Vents, They ascend to the 'Lower Light Zone' above 1000 metres, and discover all the fish in the sea all grouped together in one place. Intrigued by this unusual grouping, Kaiko Leaves the Aronnax in the White Knight to take a closer look. Having gotten too close to the cloud of fish and looking into a bright light in the centre, Will, Ant and Fontaine find that Kaiko won't respond to them, as if she was in a trance. Fontaine hypothesises that a creature with Bio-Luminescence was forced up from the Twilight Zone by the geysers of warm water on the Ocean Floor, thus is luring fish towards it and has the same effect on people. After Will, in the Rover, gets hypnotised himself trying to rescue Kaiko, Ant and Fontaine cover the view ports of the Shadow and Swamp Knights and use thermal imaging as they try to rescue their parents. Having discovered that the Creature is in fact A Gigantic Angler Fish and that it was attracted toward the Shadow Knights Stealth Glow, thinking that Ant was it's mother, Ant starts leading it back down to the Twilight Zone with a Mirror while Fontaine follows them in the Aronnax. After a few setbacks, Ant and Fontaine were able to rescue Will and Kaiko and send the Angler back home.

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