The Secret Saturdays Season 1 Episode 11 - Eterno


You will Watch The Secret Saturdays Season 1 Episode 11 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons The Secret Saturdays Episode 11 Eterno When water supplies in the Middle East are inexplicably turning into salt, the Secret Scientists send Drew and Zak Saturday into the area to investigate. A thief named Wadi reveals that she's the cause, having released Eterno, a giant man made of salt who has an unquenchable thirst and a death wish. When Drew and some local villagers refuse to lead him to the Methuselah Tree, Eterno turns them into salt statues in a state of suspended animation. Zak and Wadi venture to the plant to gain the sap Eterno requires to end his suffering. But Wadi steals a flower from the tree, which sends two Centiscarabs after her. Eterno later steals the flower and uses all the sap, which destroys him. The scientists synthesize more sap from the remains, and return everything back to normal.

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