The Secret Saturdays Season 1 Episode 16 - Something in the Water


You will Watch The Secret Saturdays Season 1 Episode 16 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons The Secret Saturdays Episode 16 Something in the Water The Saturdays find a hidden city called Sanctuary II, after relocating a Groot Slang. A self-sustaining community which causes no environmental damage, the city is soon attacked by two catfish-like cryptids called Lau, which have been plaguing them for some time. Doc offers to help relocate the fish without charge, but the inhabitants instead opt to hire Doyle to capture them. Joined by Zak and Fiskerton, Doyle successfully captures the fish. Back in the city, Doc and Drew discover that Sanctuary II is using a mother Lau as an energy source, hence the constant attempts by her offspring to free her. Doyle, Zak and Fisk return with the captured Lau, and Doyle takes his payment without getting involved. The Saturdays are not so quick to leave, resulting in a fight between them and the inhabitants. Doyle returns and helps Zak release all the Lau, who promptly trash the city. Doc asks Doyle if he'll come back but Doyle refuses.

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