The Secret Saturdays Season 1 Episode 22 - The Atlas Pin


You will Watch The Secret Saturdays Season 1 Episode 22 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons The Secret Saturdays Episode 22 The Atlas Pin When V.V. Argost steals Rani Nāgi's Kur-detecting relic, she threatens to pull the Atlas Pin — a giant rock which holds the tectonic plates together — unless the Saturdays recover the relic for her. The Saturdays decide split into two groups: Doyle, Zon, Doc, and Fiskerton will search for Argost. Meanwhile, Zak, Drew, and Komodo search for Rani Nāgi around Kumari Kandam. Drew's group is forced to fight the Kumari Serpent, now under Rani Nāgi's control. They manage to subdue the serpent and find her with her bodyguards, who pull the Atlas Pin in retaliation. Ulraj comes to their aide, and is able to prevent disaster with the help of the serpent. At the same time, Doc's group battles Argost for the relic, successfully retrieving it after prolonged dogfight. Fiskerton destroys the relic, deciding to use his instincts to find Kur, but Doyle covertly recovers the pieces.

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